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Welcome to the Choice Olneyville website.

CNI Build Olneyville Transformation Plan

CNI Build Olneyville Final Transformation Plan

Olneyville Transformation Plan TACC Manton Heights Needs Assessment
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This website is the official site for information about the Olneyville Choice Neighborhood Initiative (CNI), a grant program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Choice Neighborhood grants transform distressed neighborhood and public and assisted housing into viable and sustainable mixed-income communities by linking housing improvements with appropriate services, schools, public assets, transportation, and access to jobs. A strong emphasis is placed on local, neighborhood-based planning.

In the spring of 2011, a collaborative comprised of the Providence Housing Authority (PHA), Olneyville Housing Corporation, Local Initiative Support Corporation (LISC), and the City of Providence’s Planning Department submitted an application for funds for a $250,000 planning grant. Our application was one of twelve selected   or funding.  The planning grant will be used to create a Transformation Plan for the Olneyville neighborhood and the Manton Heights housing development.

The core goals of the Choice Neighborhood Initiative grant is to address the needs of the Olneyville neighborhood, including Manton Heights related to:

  • Housing:                    We will address the housing need of the neighborhood, including foreclosure mitigation, rehabilitation of substandard property, homeownership, and address the unmet physical needs of assisted and public housing in the neighborhood.

  • People:                      We will address the supportive services needs of the neighborhood by building on existing programs that have proven successful and by creating new programs to meet unmet needs in education, counseling, job readiness skills, childcare, employment, and recreation.
  • Neighborhood: We will develop a comprehensive plan  to address the infrastructure needs of the community related to parks and recreation, streets and sidewalks, street  menities, lighting and transportation.

This website will be the vehicle we use to keep you informed about the planning process.  On this site you will find planning documents, maps, a  list of our partner agencies, schedules and meeting minutes.

We hope you will join us in making Olneyville a better place to live and work.

Olneyville Housing Corporation 2009 - Citizens Bank-NBC 10 Champion in Action/2007 Bank of America Neighborhood Builder Award 2007 - MetLife Foundation Police Community Partnership Award   The Olneyville neighborhood is a Local Initiatives Support Corporation Sustainable Community

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